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What We Do

We implement best corporate governance practices in your organisation; aligning the Board and the executives and staff to a common vision and mission, we do this by review and analysis  of your corporate governance frameworks, identifying any gaps, creating action plans and implementing best corporate  practices. We work with the Board and individual board members and where requested,the executives. 


We provide:


  • Corporate Governance Reviews for Boards of Directors

  • New Board Member Induction

  • Facilitation of Board away days

  • Implementation of the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies (2016)

  • Implementation of good financial processes and procedures

  • Financial Controls Review

  • Training and Presentation on Corporate Governance 

Practice Areas
  • Public benefit entities

  • State bodies

  • Arts organisations

  • Cultural organisations 

  • Property companies

  • Heritage organisations

  • Financial and Professional Services Organisations

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