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Corporate governance for The Irish Arts Sector
by Penelope Kenny

published by Chartered Accountants Ireland - 

This book by Penelope Kenny is an invaluable resource for any stakeholder in an Irish arts organisation, from artists, arts administrators and board members to funders, directors and financial advisors alike

Culture Innovation and the economy edited by Biljana Micklov
and James E Doyle. Published by Routledge.

 Chapter 2 is written by Penelope Kenny.

'The business of Arts Consultancy: a personal analysis of the history, growth and opportunities for business in the arts sector'.

Accountancy Ireland Podcast: 

 Penelope Kenny discusses the importance of whistle blowing programs.

Get Ethical: The Roadmap

Organisations often struggle to foster an ethical culture. To help you on your journey, Penelope Kenny has created a roadmap that’s suitable for both business and practice.

The Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce Ottawa

President Liam Lynch, ethics expert Penelope Kenny and recruitment specialist Ed Heffernan talk about the future of the accountancy profession in this round-table discussion.

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